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Kim and Sondra


5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Chris says:


    I have an idea for a show you may consider doing sometime. I somehow inherited a cat, she is crazy and hates me. My bathtub is now her litter box, my leather chair is now her scraching post. It is funny because her litter box is hardly ever used and the new expensive scratching post I bought her has yet to be used. Plus, she is an outdoor cat, fine when the weather is nice, but now that its cold, she will go out, come right back in and look at me like it’s my fault its -20, then will want to go right back outside. This goes on all night. I hope you dont’ mind my rant, but I think you should have a show on how to be awesome at having pets. (or crazy cats) But i’m not that mad, she has helped with the mice population in the house. 🙂 I want to get dog this summer, from the SPCA of course, so any help you can give would be great!


    • Sondra says:

      I think Kim got really excited about doing a show about pets. She’s been bugging me to talk more about our cats since day one. Things are a bit hectic for us right now but we’ll get on this as soon as we can!

      • Chris says:

        I am excited about that show. I volenteer at the local SPCA where I live, and there are so many amazing animals there. Just an idea, if you talk about getting pets, the SPCA is a great place to start the search. Hope your winter is going well! Cheers

  2. Soujanya kumar nallamala says:

    I was listening to podcast 4 – awesome at life… And you were yapping about how only people from Canada might be listening. Well I am from India! and I think you might have listeners from other countries as well. Anyways you guys are awesome.

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