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Episode 42: How to be Awesome at Nostalgia

Kim has moved to Edmonton, Sondra is still in Toronto (for 5 more weeks…), and we’re getting nostalgic for the good ‘ol days, when we could still podcast together in the same room. Please listen to us on iTunes and … Continue reading

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Editing Again!

It might just happen!  We might soon be back with a new episode!  Stay tuned, and stay awesome!

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Happy New Year!

Just a quick little Happy New Year to everyone! Enjoy yourself, and don’t t drink too much!

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Episode 37:How to be Awesome at Crushes

We figure everybody has had a crush on someone at some point in their life; A friend, a celebrity, maybe a co-worker. In this episode, we explore the nature of crushes, when they’re innocent, when they’re inappropriate, and whether or … Continue reading

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Episode 36: How to be Awesome at Spelling and Grammar

We apologize for this condescending, pretentious, and judgmental episode. Kim may have a Master’s degree in english and a Master of Library and Information Science degree but even she isn’t as anal about grammar and spelling as Sondra is. This … Continue reading

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Episode 11: How to be Awesome at Communication

Naomi is back with us this week to discuss communication, getting your points across and dealing with social awkwardness. Naomi is a professional artist and art teacher. To learn more about her work you can visit Please listen to … Continue reading

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