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Episode 13: How to be awesome at Parenting

We’re at that age now…..our friends are having babies!! We’ve enlisted the help of our friend Emily, who is the mother of 2 adorable girls, to find out what this parenting thing is all about. Don’t let this topic scare … Continue reading

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Episode 11: How to be Awesome at Communication

Naomi is back with us this week to discuss communication, getting your points across and dealing with social awkwardness. Naomi is a professional artist and art teacher. To learn more about her work you can visit Please listen to … Continue reading

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Episode 10: How to be Awesome at Self-Expression

This is a two part series on self-expression and communication, featuring our friend, and professional artist, Naomi Johnson. This week we explore self-expression in it’s many forms and the various ways you can release your awesomeness onto the world! To … Continue reading

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Episode 5: How to be Awesome at Being Single PT 1 of 2

This week we discuss how you can be more awesome at being single!  Kim and I discuss what we liked and miss about being single and read an e-mail from ms. indigo strange who enjoys the selfish side of singlehood. … Continue reading

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Episode 3: How to be Awesome at Adventure

We finally have a special guest co-host! In episode 3, Jacob helps us teach you how to be awesome at adventure. We talk about pushing yourself to the limit, being adventurous and trying new things in your everyday life. Please … Continue reading

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