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Episode 10: How to be Awesome at Self-Expression

This is a two part series on self-expression and communication, featuring our friend, and professional artist, Naomi Johnson. This week we explore self-expression in it’s many forms and the various ways you can release your awesomeness onto the world! To … Continue reading

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Episode 8: How to be Awesome at Dating

This week we bring you a special hour long episode all about being awesome at dating, and who better to help us teach you about this exciting topic than our two favorite dating podcast experts!? We finally have a cross-over … Continue reading

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Episode 4: How to be Awesome at Life

We have been sitting on this episode, waiting to release it when you all had your love goggles on and would forgive us for being dry and humourless once in a while (YOU try being awesome ALL of the time!). … Continue reading

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In the spirit of adventure!

My recent blog post on Breakfast Every Hour follows along the lines of what we talked about in our latest episode on adventure. If you feel like you need more reasons to put yourself out there and push your limits … Continue reading

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Episode 2: How to be Awesome at Narcissism

In Episode 2 we talk about feeling awesome inside and out. We discuss self-esteem and body image, and how you can feel more awesome every day, without a big price tag or 10 hours on a treadmill. You will get … Continue reading

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