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Episode 36: How to be Awesome at Spelling and Grammar

We apologize for this condescending, pretentious, and judgmental episode. Kim may have a Master’s degree in english and a Master of Library and Information Science degree but even she isn’t as anal about grammar and spelling as Sondra is. This … Continue reading

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Episode 35: How to be Awesome at Going Back to School

Kim is nearing the end of her back to school endeavor and Sondra is just beginning. If you’re thinking of going back to school, you may want to listen to this first. Wondering what you should go back to school … Continue reading

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Episode 34: How to be Awesome at Existential Crisis

Amidst an existential crisis, Sondra explains to Kim what she’s going through and discovers that, without even knowing it, Kim might be an existentialist. We are happy to report that, at the time of airing this episode, Sondra has gotten … Continue reading

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Episode 33: How to be Awesome at Internet Presence

Have you ever done an internet search for yourself? If you haven’t, maybe you should. We talk about what kind of image we are presenting on the internet and how to make sure that you are putting your best internet … Continue reading

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Post-Run Debrief

We were so inspired by the episode about running, that we decided to go for a run together on the weekend. Here is a short 4 minute clip that we recorded afterwards! Please listen to us on iTunes and subscribe! … Continue reading

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Episode 32: How to be Awesome at Running

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to get out into the fresh air and get some physical activity! Our experts for this episode are Michelle and Luc. With little experience, they joined a running group (which is, … Continue reading

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Episode 31: How to be Awesome at Not Being a Crazy Cat Lady

We recognize that by doing a show about cats we are already on the border of being crazy cat women, however, one of our most loyal listeners, Chris, asked us to do an episode about pets and the only pets … Continue reading

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