Episode 42: How to be Awesome at Nostalgia

Kim has moved to Edmonton, Sondra is still in Toronto (for 5 more weeks…), and we’re getting nostalgic for the good ‘ol days, when we could still podcast together in the same room.

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Links from this episode:
Fresh Restaurant – a Toronto thing that Kim misses
Cincinnati Old Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention Discussion Board
Info about radio legend Peg Lynch
Links to OTR radio archives:
Antioch Old Time Radio
Radio Lovers

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Theme music by The Meddwyn.

Other music from this episode:

(Happy) AlbumAskeleton
“Cities, Not The People In Them” (mp3)
from “(Happy) Album”
(Goodnight Records)
More On This Album

Leave Your NameStatistics
“Reminisce” (mp3)
from “Leave Your Name”
(Jade Tree)
More On This Album

C'est La VieXOXO
“Merry Times” (mp3)
from “C’est La Vie”
(24 Hour Service Station)
More On This Album


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