Episode 39: How to be Awesome at Leaving Home

Rachel is an American, who moved to Canada to go to school and ended up making it her second home. We talk about leaving it all behind, starting fresh, culture shock, and adapting to your new life away from home. Horrible freedom!

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Theme music by The Meddwyn.

Other music from this episode:

Spy StoriesFed Conti
“007” (mp3)
from “Spy Stories”
(Mahjong Music LTD)

More On This Album

Old School PartyStanley James
“Old School Party” (mp3)
from “Old School Party”
(Imerica Entertainment)

More On This Album

It Goes Like ThisTim Midgett
“Portable Life” (mp3)
from “It Goes Like This”
(Comedy Minus One)

More On This Album


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