Episode 36: How to be Awesome at Spelling and Grammar

We apologize for this condescending, pretentious, and judgmental episode. Kim may have a Master’s degree in english and a Master of Library and Information Science degree but even she isn’t as anal about grammar and spelling as Sondra is. This week is all about brushing up on your word skills!

This episode was greatly inspired by theoatmeal.com!
Helpful and hilarious tips from The Oatmeal:
Ten words you need to stop misspelling
How to use a semicolon
How to use an apostrophe
When to use i.e. in a sentence

For other great tips, also check out Grammar Girl.

If you like books, pick up a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves at your local library.

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Theme music by The Meddwyn.

Other music from this episode:

The London Book of the DeadThe Real Tuesday Weld
“Last Words” (mp3)
from “The London Book of the Dead”
(Six Degrees Records)
More On This Album

...La Merde et Les EtoilesThe Gena Rowlands Band
“The Last Words Of Lesley Gore” (mp3)
from “…La Merde et Les Etoiles”
(Lujo Records)
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