Episode 31: How to be Awesome at Not Being a Crazy Cat Lady

We recognize that by doing a show about cats we are already on the border of being crazy cat women, however, one of our most loyal listeners, Chris, asked us to do an episode about pets and the only pets we have are cats. We’re going to talk a lot about cats and Sondra’s fear of one day becoming a “crazy cat lady”. Sondra gives tips about introducing a new pet into a home that already has pets based on her very recent experience bringing home her cat’s doppleganger.

Here is a link to a great article from the Humane Society about introducing a new cat to an old one, which Sondra found very helpful.

Signs you are becoming a ‘crazy cat lady’:

– You talk about your cat(s) a lot.
– Your desk at work has more than one picture of a cat on or around it.
– You are single, live alone and own more than 2 cats (even 2 is questionable).
– You say things to your cats like “It’s just you and me, guys.” and “Never leave me!”

How not to become one:

– Avoid/stop doing everything above
– Get outside, away from your cats
– Spend more time with humans
– Go on dates (try speeddating or online dating)

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Theme music by The Meddwyn.

Other music from this episode:

Uncle Eye & The Strange Change MachineUncle Eye & The Strange Change Machine
“I Want To Be My Cat” (mp3)
from “Uncle Eye & The Strange Change Machine”
(Ill Genetics)

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Three Trains - EPSinging Bridges
“Crazy Street” (mp3)
from “Three Trains – EP”
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