Episode 25: How to be Awesome at Hangovers

In the midst of holiday season, Sondra shows up at Kim’s place with a hangover (after not following her own hangover prevention rules) and a podcast ensues.

EXTRA TIP: We didn’t mention this on the show but Milk Thistle is said to be helpful for hangovers. It comes in pill form and can be bought at health food stores and pharmacies. Use as directed.

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Theme music by The Meddwyn.

Other music from this podcast:

Spy StoriesFed Conti
“007” (mp3)
from “Spy Stories”
(Mahjong Music LTD)

More On This Album

RetiredSacred Hoop
“Bathtub Gin” (mp3)
from “Retired”
(The Hoop, LLC)

More On This Album


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