Episode 24: How to be Awesome at Living Alone

Sondra talks about the joys and fears that come with living alone, while happily co-habitated Kim reminisces.

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2 Responses to Episode 24: How to be Awesome at Living Alone

  1. Chris says:

    Just listened to your awesome at living alone podcast. I liked it! I live alone, been living alone for 4 years. But for the past year have been living alone in my own house. I’m 31 so I can definatly relate to you guys. And I can relate to what Sondra said about being alone and not having anyone there if you hurt yourself. That happened to me. I hurt my back, and was in the shower, and somehow reaching for something tore my calf muscle as a result of a weak back, wierd i know. But I couldn’t lift my foot over the tub to get out. So I grabbed the shower curtain rod and it broke and i fell out of the tub. I look back and laugh know. Then all I could do was just lay there for what felt like forever. I did manage to make it from mfy bathroom, up the stairs to my landlords house ( basement appartment), took maybe hour and a half to do so, and did get a ride to the hospital. So, ya, I can relate. I keep my cell phone close now. haha. But having my own independence is great, and being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it is great too! It can get lonely too though. Keep up the great aweseome podcasts!

    • Sondra says:

      Hey Chris!
      We are so glad that you enjoyed this episode, and I’m certainly glad that people can relate. That’s a terrifying story of you hurting yourself in the tub. I have definitely had horrible visions of something like that happening to me. I’m glad you got through it okay! I think I’m going to start bringing my cell phone into the bathroom when I shower now….As for the loneliness, I really do suggest getting a pet, it helps. Keeping busy is great too. I tend to have plans outside of the house with friends a lot, so what little time I get at home to myself is usually a nice change of pace and sleeping alone isn’t so bad when there is a cat squished up beside me. She snores sometimes, so it feels like there’s another person there. I’m going to stop typing before I start sounding really sad.

      Thanks for listening!

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