Episode 22: How to be Awesome at Breakups

By special request (probably from someone psychic), we bring you a show about being awesome at getting over people and dealing with heartbreak. Sondra recently found herself single again and shares her painful experience and how she got past it. Kim discusses the do’s and don’ts of breaking up with someone.

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Sondra’s blog where she documented her stages of grief: Neurostatic

Sondra’s Helium article about breakups, which she wrote after being cheated on a few years ago: How to get over a devastating breakup

Theme music by The Meddwyn.

More music from this episode:

The Ballad of the FungobatMike Hagen
“Cry a Little Harder” (mp3)
from “The Ballad of the Fungobat”
(Old 3C Records)

More On This Album

Get Down - With My FriendsAloe Blacc and Kero One
“With My Friends” (mp3)
from “Get Down – With My Friends”
(PLUG Label)

More On This Album

Between The X's & The O'sWisely
“Ready to Love” (mp3)
from “Between The X’s & The O’s”
(Ella Records)

More On This Album

Fire & Ice CreamBing Ji Ling
“Can’t We Be Friends” (mp3)
from “Fire & Ice Cream”
(Kreme Kul Records)

More On This Album

The BaronessSarah Slean
“Sounds of Water/ Change Your Mind” (mp3)
from “The Baroness”
(The Baroness Inc.)

More On This Album

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