Episode 9: How to Be Awesome at Getting your Awesome Back!

We’re back! And we missed you!

This week we are talking about how to be awesome at getting your awesome back.  Not only is this episode us talking about how we are getting back into the swing of podcasting, but we are discussing how to get your awesome back when you just are not feeling all that awesome.

Please listen to us on iTunes and subscribe! If you don’t like iTunes or don’t want to download it you can stream this episode on Podbean.

All music this week is by The Meddwyn.



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4 Responses to Episode 9: How to Be Awesome at Getting your Awesome Back!

  1. Manuel says:

    Hello there,
    Just found your podcast on iTunes and downloaded all episodes ’til now.
    It’s a cool one and I really like it – I think its very interesting to listen to your daily life storys, your opinions and so on.
    Keep the podcast going! 🙂

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. craftedKim says:

    Hello Manuel,

    Thank you for your post! We love to hear from our listeners, and it is great to know that we are moving into Europe!


  3. Manuel says:

    No problem 🙂
    Iam going to give you more feedback when Iam through all the episodes – right now Iam stuck in episode 5!


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