Episode 8: How to be Awesome at Dating

This week we bring you a special hour long episode all about being awesome at dating, and who better to help us teach you about this exciting topic than our two favorite dating podcast experts!? We finally have a cross-over show with JP and Elah of I Like You !

Please listen to us on iTunes and subscribe! If you don’t like iTunes or don’t want to download it you can stream this episode on Podbean.

Thank you to Drew Danburry for this week’s music and as always The Meddwyn for our theme music.

Now that you know how to be awesome at being single and you got your shit together after learning all about being awesome at life, it’s time to put your awesome self out there and look for someone equally awesome to share your awesome life with. Too much awesome? Never!

Enormous thanks to JP and Elah who are welcome on our show anytime! Look for their podcast on iTunes if you haven’t already!

Don’t forget, we are taking a break for a couple of weeks but we will be back and more awesome than ever!!


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2 Responses to Episode 8: How to be Awesome at Dating

  1. Sisi says:

    I really really loved hearing mention of Asexuality in this podcast AND about the diversity within the Asexual community. Its surprising to hear (sadly) because that’s an aspect of sexuality that people usually ignore…

    One of my best friends is Asexual, but of the romantic feeling kind, and he is always afraid he’ll never find anyone to share his life with. So I think about it a fair bit.

    Thanks for being so inclusive and holistic in your approach to the subject of dating. Its one of the reasons I love this podcast SO much.

    • craftedKim says:

      Hi Sisi,

      Thank you for your comment!

      We asked the I Like You podcast hosts to be on our show because they are so are great for bringing new perspectives to our podcast. I think your friend has hope, because he is not alone.

      We will continue to our best at being inclusive!


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