Episode 6: How to be Awesome at Being Single PT 2 of 2

DISCLAIMER: Please bear with the poor audio quality at the very begining of the episode, it gets MUCH better after the opening theme song. Also, Sondra edited this while on a train between Ottawa and Toronto, so if it’s a little sloppy and could have used a few more cuts that might be why.

This week we are wrapping up our two part episode on being single. You’ll hear a conversation we had with Jacob about being single and happy as well as an interview that Sondra recorded with Amanda, who is rocking single life and enjoying every minute of it!

Amanda also discusses a summer dating project that a group of girls have put together: Summer of Slutiness

Please listen to us on iTunes and subscribe! If you don’t like iTunes or don’t want to download it you can stream this episode on Podbean.

Thank you to Drew Danburry for this week’s music and as always The Meddwyn for our theme music.

Next week we will be talking all about the little things in life that we think are awesome (like finding a loonie on the ground when you’re having a crappy day), so send us your lists of your favorite awesome things!



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1 Response to Episode 6: How to be Awesome at Being Single PT 2 of 2

  1. craftedKim says:

    This was from indigo strange, but yep I accidentally deleted it!

    see, i LOVED samantha, and then she started dated smith, and i kinda lost respect for her. but then she gained it back in the movie when she said: i love you, but i love me more.

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