Definitely NOT Awesome!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to use this opportunity to raise awareness about a great cause, because what good is it being a pocast celebrity if I can’t exploit my fame for the greater good?

I’m participating in The Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life again this year as part of Team New Kids On The Walk and there has been a bit of a snafu in our fundraising efforts. Two yard sales were organized by the team and a few hundred dollars were raised, unfortunately someone broke into a teammember’s house and stole the money before it could be deposited into the bank. The bandit also made off with a yellow laptop and a bottle of strawberry daiquiri mix, so if you think you might have any information about this please let us know! There are some un-awesome people in the world, but hopefully the rest of us can out-number them.

You can see the news story HERE

The relay is a great event and if you can spare a few dollars to support our team it would be greatly appreciated! You can sponsor me personally and make me look like a fundraising superstar (I’m so bad at fundraising!) by following THIS LINK ! The relay is on June 9th, so please help if you can.

Thank you so much and keep being awesome!



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