Episode 2: How to be Awesome at Narcissism

In Episode 2 we talk about feeling awesome inside and out. We discuss self-esteem and body image, and how you can feel more awesome every day, without a big price tag or 10 hours on a treadmill. You will get tips on how to be mentally and physically healthy and boost your own and your friends’ self-confidence!

As a bonus, Sondra reviews the movie Shallow Hal, which was the inspiration for this episode.

We also eat a big lunch and high five each other for being such champs at eating, then gently slip into a food coma.

Please listen to us on iTunes and subscribe! If you don’t like iTunes or don’t want to download it you can stream this episode on Podbean.

Music once again provided by The Meddwyn with permission from David Sword.

Yep we talked about cupcakes:

We are looking for people with positive stories about being single for a future episode. Please contact us with your stories, or better yet, let us know if you are interested in being interviewed on the show. If you are single and loving it, we want to hear from you! Also, if you’re single and not loving it so much we also want to hear from you so that we can inspect both sides of the coin.

Thank you for listening,
Kim & Sondra

P.S. – Sondra promises to stop reading definitions on the podcast…for a while at least.

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5 Responses to Episode 2: How to be Awesome at Narcissism

  1. Jon says:

    I’m really enjoying this. I’ve never been much of a podcast fan but maybe I just hadn’t heard the right one yet.

    Speaking of averages, you two certainly are not. When we were all younger I guess I took it for granted that my friends were all hilarious and insightful. I just assumed that was the average. Now, all grown up and out into the world, I overhear people on the bus or at the park and think, “Did you guzzle paint thinner as a child? Are you an actor researching the role of a doorknob? Were you lobotomized?” Nope. They’re just average. Not entirely, I’m sure — everyone has some gift, everyone is a unique snowflake and all that — but they’re just not as witty as the company I keep. I wonder if it isn’t more than that, though. Maybe they’ve deferred intelligence for the sake of easier concerns, TV shows or iPods or whatnot. Maybe they just haven’t tried to be smart or valuable. It maybe hasn’t even occurred to them that they could be.

    Anyway. Long story short: here’s to good friends, and keep talkin ’cause it’s fun to listen.

    • How to Be Awesome with Sondra and Kim says:

      Hey Jon,

      Thank you for the wicked comment! Now if only we could get you out here to be a guest!


    • Sondra says:

      Seriously, we are all so lucky to have grown up with such awesome friends, and to have retained them!! I definitely realized, when I moved to Toronto, that we all had something really special. I’m really proud of all of my friends, you included! When you are here visiting in the summer you should totally come on our show!


  2. Justin says:

    Another wonderful podcast from Kim and Sondra!

    Your podcasts are very creative and clever 🙂 I really enjoy listening to them.

    So I thought I would tell you why you’re awesome so I don’t take you for granted by listening to your podcast and then not saying anything where I ‘assume’ that everything will just be ok 😀

    I throughly enjoyed the Tyra Banks jab – It’s kind of gross when she makes a size 2 feel fat for a size 1

    Good job describing personal image! Try to be healthy and enjoy your life by eating well and getting moderate exercise. But – beware of Tim Bits and gelattos 😉 They can be dangerous!

    I look forward for more 🙂


    • How to Be Awesome with Sondra and Kim says:

      Hey Justin,

      Thank you for your very witty and insightful comments.

      We will absolutely have more episodes coming to you! (Usually every Thursday).

      I think that the way I can hear your wit oozing through the screen is one of the ways you are awesome!


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