Thank you so much!

Kim is busy being awesome at school at the moment, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast! We now have 73 subscribers!! I’m pretty sure that all of you haven’t listened to the show yet, but we appreciate the support and hope that you will listen eventually and still stay on as our adoring fans.

Everyone has had lovely things to say and it has really been going straight to our heads, but I finally received some constructive criticism last night from a listener, who I don’t know very well. He gave some great feedback, which I was able to use to do some re-edits on episode 2, which you can look forward to hearing tomorrow night! As we mentioned, we are all about bettering ourselves, so constructive criticism is welcomed.

The comment that has made me laugh the most so far has been: “”I can’t believe I’m actually listening to a PODCAST, featuring a couple of chicks talking about being awesome. I need a hobby!”

As I mentioned, episode 2 will be uploaded tomorrow night and is titled “How to be awesome at narcissism”.

Thanks again!



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