Episode 1: How to be Awesome at Starting a Podcast

It’s finally here!!!!

In episode 1 we introduce ourselves and talk about why we are doing this podcast and what it means to be awesome. You’ll also get a glimpse into one of our brainstorming sessions and an intimate look into the lives of two sugar addicted teenage girls living in a small town in the late 90’s.

Please listen to us on iTunes and subscribe! If you don’t like iTunes or don’t want to download it you can listen to our stream on Podbean.

Music provided by The Meddwyn with permission from David Sword.

Things we talked about today?

This American LifeStitch It!, The Knitmore Girls Podcast,

A special thank you to JP and Elah of I Like You Podcast fame for lending us their microphones so we could give this podcasting thing a try.

Also, thanks to Jacob for being our test audience and letting us talk about using our womanly wiles to get him to do our artwork. Just for the record, and so that he doesn’t have to take credit for mediocre artwork, (because he is actually a professional) Sondra slaved over a hot laptop for hours using her mad Photoshop skills to create what is now our official podcast artwork. Jacob probably could have done a better job, but as awesome as we are, our wiles are sub-par.

Happy listening!

Kim & Sondra

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6 Responses to Episode 1: How to be Awesome at Starting a Podcast

  1. JP says:

    Congrats on the first episode Sondra and Kim! I had a lot of fun listening to it and I feel a little awesomer already! You two sound totally smart and funny and you have a great on-air dynamic. I’m glad you could admit that you’ll never be as awesome as Elah and I though, I’m sure it was pretty crushing to realize that, but as the Rolling Stones say: you can’t always guess my name.

    Anyway, keep it up and don’t fret too much about the editing! This episode flowed really well, almost as though you know what you’re doing 🙂

    • How to Be Awesome with Sondra and Kim says:

      Hi JP,

      Thank you for the congratulations. I am glad you enjoyed listening to the episode, and that you feel a little more awesome.

      Now, to be clear, we are currently not as awesome as you and Elah, but that is currently. We plan to surpass your awesomeness, and there may be to be some kind of duel of the podcasts…

      (Sondra is the editor, I tell her not to fret too much, but she just doesn’t listen to me, something we will be addressing in a future episode.)


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  3. Michelle says:

    Great job on getting your first podcast out there. Entertaining and I can see lots of potential! I think it’s a great idea to interview people and learn about what makes them awesome- people love to talk about themselves!! Also, it may be interesting to interview people you feel are awesome because they have made an impact on something in the world (e.g. made the world that much more sustainable). Keep up the great work!

    • How to Be Awesome with Sondra and Kim says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your comments!


    • Sondra says:

      Thanks Michelle!

      I see that JP has done a great job of helping to spread the word 🙂 Maybe we should have him on to talk about sustainability, since he’s an expert. We actually have discussed having an episode all about being awesome at being green!

      Thanks for listening!

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